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The Pescatore Restaurant

The Pescatore is the oldest restaurant in San Benedetto . It was born in 1949 from the intuition of a fisherman named Umberto Romani and his wife Eva , great cook fish . Subsequently, the management passes to his daughter Maria, who thanks to his culinary skills it will become a reference point not only locally but also nationally and internationally attracting a high-class clientele and celebrities.

In 1978 he took over the family Calvaresi led by the head of the family Umberto Bruni his wife Josephine, still in the kitchen, and with his sons Marco and Piero who have passed on the good name of the Pescatore

Today, a new generation is ready to go in and that of the young Umberto and Giuseppina , a renewal again in the name of a unique historicity , the preservation of traditions and a great location on the beach of San Benedetto environments with constantly renewed in continuous evolution stylistic and in step with the times, while maintaining high quality of the product.

Only at Pescatore live the mix of hospitality , history, care of the food that will make the visit a unique experience in our restaurant.

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